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Internet Shrimpers & Anglers Associaton, Sponsors

These are the folks who support the organization on the grassroots level; the bait shop that donates prizes, the marina that volunteers services and the private contributor who volunteers time or financial support. As ISAA members we need to show them we support our sponsors. Visit them often.

Partnering with ISAA - Sponsorship

The Internet Shrimpers and Anglers Association might just be your central location in the World Wide Web for recreational shrimping and angling hobbyist. The ISAA provides a unique set of opportunities for a business seeking to penetrate this lucrative market. After several years (a relatively short period) online, we experience over 6,000 visitors per month and have an active membership of approximately 200 members and these numbers continue to grow monthly.

What this really means is, your product or service can be seen by not only ISAA members, but by the general sporting public as well. With ISAA.CC, people search out your product when they arrive. We do the targeting for you, and because the Web is a relatively new medium, your costs are considerably less than other forms of advertising. Advertising on ISAA.CC is much less and yet targets over 6,000 people per month who arrive already interested in your product or service. It's a win, win situation.

ISAA Advertising

The Internet Shrimping and Anglers Association is devoted to shrimping, fishing and the environment. We regularly hold tournaments that are enjoyed by the whole family. Our members also actively participate in waterway cleanups in both Volusia and Brevard Counties. We also hold quarterly meetings & BBQ's where literally hundreds of members come together for a really good time. As you can see this is a very active club.

With ISAA's annual membership fee of only $35 per family, this guarantees you that the membership is made up of actively interested and participating people. Not just a list of names and numbers to boast about. Our members support our sponsors and will look for sponsors to fill their needs. Many of our sponsors offer discounts to members, so again it's a win, win situation.

We have lots of different ways to get your message out and make it easy for our members and visitors to find our supporting sponsors. On the Home Page (first page) and every one of the pages of our web site we have links to our list of Sponsors. From the Sponsors page the customer can select your business for more detail. We provide a page with your information and a link to your own web site if you have one. This method puts potential customers in direct contact with your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Honorable mention at club activities that you choose to support. Of course if you donate item(s) or support an event we are going to tell everybody! Our members want to know who is responsible for supporting the club so they can be sure they stop by and thank you next chance they get.

We can include special offers and announcements relating to an event that you support. If we have an item donated by you for an upcoming event we will let our anglers know that you have made a donation and ask that they be sure to let you know how much they appreciated your support. This gets your name mentioned, starts everyone talking, and encourages participation. At the event your donation will be announced again. Record of donations that would be considered advertisement for tax purposes.

If you request, we can track your donations and provide a listing for your tax records at the end of the year .Acknowledgement by our members by using your products or services, maximizes your advertising dollars by promoting powerful, targeted word of mouth advertising that continues to spread throughout the community. Our members repeatedly recommend our sponsors to other sporting enthusiasts. With your product or service on the ISAA web site your company is promoted to an additional 60,000 people a month. The numbers of potential customers continues to grow each month. I doubt you could productively reach as many actively interested potential customers with any other form of advertising with such a low investment. So what are you waiting for, lets get you started.

Now that you're ready, lets get some information that will help us get you started. We certainly appreciate the support and are ready and eager to show you.

How to find out more...

Just click here to download our sponsor package with more detailed info and drop us an email ( and we will get together and see what works best for your needs. Check out some of the sponsors listed on the right side of this page. This area is free formed and we will work with you to get your message across effectively.

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