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Joining the ISAA

Congratulations! You are about to join the best-kept secret on the web!!!!

The Internet Shrimpers and Anglers Association, commonly referred to as the ISAA. We offer lively discussions in our club forum, fun oriented club tournaments, family events and the finest BBQ's to be found anywhere in the state! It is our sincerest hope that you will join us in our endeavors, and become "hooked" like the rest of us.

The ISAA has implemented a standard family membership fee per family for one year will be $35, due on January 1st each year and upon initial entry to the club. On Feb 1st, the roster and forums were refreshed. All old inactive and non-paid registrations and forum accounts were deleted. If you were an old member, you'll need to rejoin and pay your Annual Dues before receiving full access to the forums (fishing reports, shrimp reports, tides & more). We will upon sign up give a two week "General Forum" only access to allow you to get acquainted with members and decide if you want to join us.

Although most of our participating members are based in the East Central Florida area, we also have membership from all over the United States who are active on our forum even though they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. One sure bet matter who you are or where you live, the shared experience of our group will definitely expedite the learning curve and expand the knowledge for novice and experienced anglers alike.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to sign up? Click here & read about club membership and then sign up for the club and the forum all at the same time! You must have a valid email address and accept email from us ( in order to receive your forum registration information.

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Advantages of Joining
  • Lively discussions
  • Fun oriented club tournaments
  • Family events
  • Finest BBQ's to be found anywhere in the state

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